Getting Started

This list is referring to the adoptee. Please keep that in mind if you are assisting him or her.

  1. The first thing you need to do is take a DNA test. I highly recommend Ancestry DNA because that’s where I have gotten my best results, but others have gotten great results from other DNA testing sites as well.
  2. Once you have your results look at your closest matches. Find the CMs (email me if you need help) and put that into DNA Painter. It will tell you how you are related and show you which grandparents you share (great, 2nd great, 3rd great).
  3. Upload your results to every DNA site you can and follow step number two for all of them.
  4. Choose your closest match and start building your tree using them. Put in Unknown for your parents, grandparents, etc if that helps you.
  5. Go back as far as you need to, but I prefer to stop at fourth cousins.
  6. Start moving forward and see if anything starts to stand out.
  7. While you are working on your tree reach out to your cousins and be honest with them. Someone might already know about you and be able to help.
  8. If you need an extra set of eyes then you can email me or visit Search Angels. I have had two help me, one found my birth mom in 2005 without DNA or anything! I currently have a gentle helping me find my biological father because there are too many pieces (my grandmother had two husbands and a few boyfriends from what I found).

I wish you the best in your search! Let me know if I can add anything to this to further assist adoptees.