About Me

Welcome to The Adopted Ancestor! My name is Dawn and I was adopted as an infant over thirty years ago. I reconnected with my biological mother in 2005 and found my half sister. I didn’t really think much about my biological father until I got into genealogy and that blank space started to bug me. I put in the name my mother gave me and the one my parents gave me to fill in the gap.

Then my favorite father in law (ha ha ha) gave me an Ancestry DNA kit for Christmas. After three tries I got my results and the “Father” on my tree went blank again. I did, however, gain a half aunt on my father’s side who I think the world of because she is helping me so much!

Anyway, I created this blog to help others find their biological families, too. I’m going to put a resources tab at the top and it will be updated regularly. If you have any questions you can reach me at theadoptedancestor@gmail.com, I will do my best!